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10 Fun Questions for Summer

Linda Ng’s writing prompt to kick off the season.

Beth Bach
3 min readJun 15, 2023


It’s summer in Texas! Cicada shedding it’s skin (photo by Beth Bach)

Linda Ng posted a writing prompt with questions about summer favorites. That sounded like a fun piece to write, so here’s my response!

(Links to Linda’s story and another response story are at the bottom of the page.)

The photo I opened this story with is a cicada. Once the cicadas start singing, you KNOW it’s summer. They provide the background chorus all day long once it gets hot. These shed skin husks are frequently found clinging in various places but you don’t see the creature itself as often. The one above chose a planter bag that has lime green stitching on it that matches the color of the cicada perfectly.

1️⃣What’s your favorite thing about summer?

I love the relaxed vibe of this time of year. Kids are out of school for the summer and everyone slows down the daily pace of work, work, work.

2️⃣What do you hate the most about summer?

Humidity, mosquitoes, and flies! Also, the fact that it gets so hot in Texas nowadays that I spend way more time inside than at any other time of the year.

3️⃣Favorite summer drink?

Unsweetened iced tea and non-alcoholic beer. Both are VERY refreshing. And it’s way too hot for alcohol.

4️⃣ Air conditioning or roll down the windows?

AC all the way! I keep the windows open for the majority of winter and all of spring and fall, but once summer is here it’s time for AC. Our forecast for the next seven days is 105–107F with a heat index of 115F! 🥵

5️⃣Your favorite summer outfit?

Sundresses and slide sandals. Last year I rediscovered dresses are cooler than shorts.

6️⃣Your favorite summer activity?

Once the temp goes over 100, then it’s time for inside activities like movies and jigsaw puzzles. I also do a lot of reading and cooking with all the summer produce coming from the garden.



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